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Grant Douglas Live Journal
The Shadow Man
*In the study of his Inn reading the news. Lays down the paper, and stares out the window toward the Pacific Ocean.*

Ah, another Valentine's Day has come and gone. Just like Christmas, this holiday always makes me think of the ones I love. Do hope my family back east was able to enjoy it. Despite the cold and snowy weather they got. Hopefully all is going well. Speaking of which, I need to make a note to call my cousin Elizabeth later. See how Carolyn, David, Roger, and the rest of my family is doing.

As for me, life is going better than I probably deserve. It was a beautiful day in Southern California. A picture perfect day. A day I enjoyed spending with Helen. She's been nothing but wonderful. Is why I had to get her the most expensive diamond necklace I could find. And enjoyed a romantic dinner for two on the beach. Really could not have asked for a better day. As Valentines Day's go, was perhaps my best.

Though the holiday being during the middle of the week, when most people had to work. Well that lead me to decide to throw a Post Valentine's Day Party over the weekend for guests at the Inn, or any other friends that would like too attend. My newest tenant, Miss Kendall will no doubt show up. She's a very unusual girl. But then again who in Sunnydale isn't unusual.

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*Grant is in his study at the William Talisker Inn.*

Winter in Southern California isn't a bad thing at all. I feel sorry for my family back east that are having all the cold rainy and snowy weather to deal with. Do hope everyone back east will still be able to enjoy the holidays despite all the not so pleasant wintery weather. As for here things have been going better lately. Plus activity around the Inn has picked up a bit, with the arrival of several new guests. It was good to see Angel, Cordy, & Doyle again. Had been too long since I'd talked to them. Do hope all is going well for them. And do hope there current visit to Sunnydale is not as drama filled as past incursions. It being the holidays, they like everyone else deserves nothing but some peace and happiness.

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Anyway I've tried to not worry about any past problems, or any potential new ones. Would really love just for once to have a nice, quiet, and relaxing end to the year. At least the Inn, it looks like that may be the case. Which is also good for all those staying here. Do want everyone to have a good time while in the Sunnydale area. To that end all the guests and all my & Helen's friends that didn't have anywhere else to be were invited to Christmas dinner at the Inn. I do hope everyone has enjoyed the winter holiday season.

Seeing that I've been around more years than I care to remember, I've seen many a Christmas come & go. Compared to most I've seen, this one was a good one. And getting to spend the day with Helen, and other friends is better than I deserved. Certainly better than all those years alone, spent away from any friends or family. I really am grateful for the life and friends I have now. The knowledge that friends and family are doing good in life is truly the best gift I can ever have this or any future Christmas to come.
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*In the bar at the William Talisker Inn, on Smuggler's Bluff.*

Summer is over, and regretably I didn't get to enjoy it as much as I'd hoped. Hopefully I'll get to enjoy my favorite time of year Autumn a bit more. Barring any disasters or unexpected occurrences that is. And being someone that has seen the passing of more years than I care to remember. Have gained a bit more patience, and understanding that more important things must come before more trivial matters. Though clearly one can over do being so distracted, that they miss out on the more pleasurable aspects of being human.

Clearly I've been too distracted by business matters lately. Although again I do have more than just myself to worry about. And I'm not a care-free youngster anymore. Need to stay focused on being an adult, and try not to worry so much. Cause I do have an Inn to run, and guests to keep happy. Fortunately all the tenants do seem to be doing well. Which is good, since other parts of Sunnydale seems to have been suffering from recent power failures. Power outages that have been creating a great deal of discomfort. Electricity is something that the modern populace is unable to live without. So I'm relieved that whatever is causing the electrical problems around Sunnydale, has yet to reach this far outside the city limits. Yet this is an old Inn, so any electrical problems could cause a serious discomfort to those staying here. Which is good that Helen is making sure that our back-up generator is in working order. We always have to be prepared for anything.

Speaking of being prepared for anything. The Inn is still having staffing problems at this time. It's been pretty much impossible to get or keep reliable help in Sunnydale. So yeah, looks like I'm stuck with bar tending once more. Although guess are worse ways to spend ones time. And at least I'll have some good drinking to look forward too after closing time.

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*At the William Talisker Inn. In study drinking a glass of Brandy.*

Despite being busy and a bit exhausting, July hasn't been going to bad thus far. Although still have the upcoming full moon on Thursday to get threw, before can truly say that things will be okay this month. And based on the way things have been going so far, I don't think I'll be able to complete any plans for a vacation, until the weekend at the earliest. So still have more work to do before can look forward to more pleasurable activities.

I'm glad that Helen is helping out with the bar tending duties. Cause I was a bit to chatty with the patrons, especially that mysterious Ethan Rayne fellow. He seemed to be a bit too interested in me and my old supernatural tales. Sometimes I have the feeling that we've met before. Yet can't remember where or when. Based on his age, and the fact he's British, would've had to be in London back in the 1970's. Course back then I was a bit wilder using the stage name Jim James, British rock star. So that whole time period is basically one big fuzzy picture of drinking and partying. Uh, but really shouldn't think about my more care-free days. Cause really can't afford to fall back into bad habits.

Speaking of the past, it is hard to believe that this marks the two year anniversary since I first opened the Inn in Sunnydale. All things considered, I'm very pleased that I've been able to actually settle down, and stay in one place for longer than a year. Cause just like my cousin, the other so called black sheep in my family, I've always been more of a wanderer. I've never been one to stay in a given place for too long. But the life I've found here in Sunnydale, has been one of my better experiences, and one I hope to keep going until the fates decide otherwise.

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*In the bar at his Inn, on Smuggler's Bluff.*

Like the last several months, this one has been rather tiring. Even though Summer has finally arrived, I've still been too distracted by business matters. Thus haven't had much time for the more enjoyable things in life. Like wine, women, and song. So am happy that this month is coming to a close very soon.

I'm hopeful that in July, will finally have the chance to take a well needed vacation. But not just for me, as in the past, but also for my dear Helen. God knows that Helen could use one as well. She hasn't been feeling good lately, so could certainly use some time off to get rested and rejuvenated.

But I know that with all my current obligations, a vacation wont be happening for days or even weeks. Yet can certainly plan for one over the next day or so, and have something to look forward to over the coming month. So yes, the next time I see Helen, will discuss possible vacation destinations. Am sure she'd love to be away from Sunnydale, if even just for a few days.

Uh, but for now I still have an Inn to run. Am a little understaffed at the moment with some employees not showing up. Am sure they have their reasons. Yet I really don't like being stuck with bar tending for the day. But the drinks wont serve themselves. So I do what I must, and will hopefully find more reliable staff to run the Inn and it's bar soon. Until then, think I'll serve myself a drink. Better make it a double.

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This has been a rather tiring month. I've been so distracted by business matters, that haven't had much time for anything else. So am glad that this month is coming to a close very soon. Although still have to get threw tonight. Tonight is a full moon. Even after all this time, I can still feel the creature in me. Can feel it trying to get out.

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Yet also have more than myself to worry about. Helen has also been acting overly stressed out lately. I really don't want to be pushy or over-protective. Cause I know that she can take care of herself. And also know that sometimes there really isn't anything I can do to help. Hell I can't even help myself. So I'll let her have some alone time. While I'll try to get my head back together, so can be more helpful again.

Well anyway, after tonight the affects of the full moon should be over for another month. I do hope that I'm wrong about something strange happening. For now I'm going to have another drink, then call it an early night. Hopefully this final week of April will be a peaceful one for all.

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This year turned out to be a pretty good St. Patrick's Day. A hell of allot better than years gone by when I was just traveling the world alone. Now I'm more settled down, with the Inn to keep me busy. And have great friends that keep me from feeling down or lonely anymore. So unlike previous years, actually not feeling in a mood to drink very much. Will leave more liquor for the quests to drink. Although will certainly take a drink or two to help make me more relaxed and sociable.

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In terms of business matters, I continue to be very grateful for all the hard work Helen is doing around the Inn. If not for her, I'm sure nothing would ever get done on time. And like Helen, I'm also very pleased with the job that our newest employee Xander Harris is doing. He's one of the hardest working young men I've seen over the years. So do hope he continues to keep up the good work.

Also I'm very pleased that the current guests staying at the Inn appear to be very satisfied with their stay. Although is a potential worry over some less than nice creatures in the cellar. Isn't a problem for the guest, since they are restricted from going into the cellar or basement areas. But the staff does sometimes have to go into those areas, so making sure that its safe and secure for them is a top concern that has to be dealt with sooner than later.

Anyway, I can truly say that it is better to be dealing with tax issues, home repairs, or pest problems, instead of mysterious deaths, or other supernatural weirdness around here. Only hope that things over the days, and weeks to come will go better than the past months for everyone.

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It's good to be back at my Inn. Am a bit worse for wear after my recent unexpected trip back east. But I really had to go, when I received word from my cousin that a family member had taken seriously ill. And had ask for me to come. Read more...Collapse )

Regrettably I returned to find out that the note I left for Helen explaining that I'd be away on family matters was misplaced or something. I'm terribly sorry that I worried her. If something comes up again that forces me to leave suddenly, I'll make sure to find her regardless of the hour and explain things. But she's done a great job of managing the Inn during my absence. Now that I'm back, I'll try to help reduce the pressure on her. And will try to encourage her to take a couple days off to relax and have some fun. Hopefully were be able to spend some more time together in the coming days and weeks. I've truly missed her company a great deal.

Well think I'm calling it an early night. I do hope that no new problems arise anytime soon. But with my luck, that may be a bit to much to hope for. But can worry about tomorrow when it comes. For now I'll just settle for a nice drink, and a good night's rest.

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I had a good talk with Helen to address a couple of business issues relating to the Inn. Is good to have Helen around to help around the Inn. She's handling all the stresses associated with running an maintaining the Inn very well. And am really glad that she's handling the book keeping. I've never been good with records keeping, or with keeping track of my finances. Things like taxes have become far to complicated in my opinion. When I was young, nobody even paid any federal income taxes. Of course only had to fill out a small single piece of paper back then. Was a much simpler system about 100 years ago. Just like everything else, it became more and more complicated, thus requiring expert help to avoid any mistakes that could risk an audit or fines.

Anyway, seeing that I really didn't want to spend countless hours filling out all the tax forms. Or stressing over any little mistakes. Never have been one to like dealing with such things. So I agreed with Helen that we should hire a good accountant. Can let him or her sort out what can or can't be deducted as business expenses.

Also we discussed the application of one Xander Harris, whom may be a good choice for the night supervisor job. He may not have as much experience as some. But I've seen him around. And have always found him to be a reliable and good person that can be trusted. Plus based on his friendships with the slayer among others. I'm pretty sure he knows how to take care of himself, and would be less likely to suffer the fate of those who are oblivious to the supernatural world that exists in Sunnydale.

Of course the first priority is for Helen to find a good accountant to deal with the tax issue. Since really don't need any problems with the IRS. Just want to make sure that everything is in order and dealt with before the deadline. Then she can contact Mr. Harris about the job offer. If he's interested, then we could see how he does around the Inn doing whatever odd jobs needs done, possibly including some groundskeeping. So if he's still interested in working at the Inn. Then were be glad to have him help out. I'm sure that if given a chance to prove himself, he would do a great job.

Now I'm going out for the evening with Helen for a few drinks and a nice time. Cause me and her both deserve a little time out to relax and not worry about taxes, employees, or anything else.

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Well I'm still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that it's 2005. Only seems like yesterday that it was 1895, uh I mean 1985. Guess what they say is true, time really does fly when your having fun. Or when your drunk. But I'm in a pretty good place now. Going into my third year in Sunnydale, hopefully this year will bring nothing but success and good fortune for me and all my friends. Personally this year isn't off to that bad of a start. Since me and Helen are doing good together. Yet can't be to happy due to so much misfortune that appears to have befallen so many over the last many weeks. But bad weather is something that no one can control. One just has to try to survive whatever challenges come their way, and do whatever it takes to move forward with life.

Although I fear that some still have a shadow loaming over them. The past cannot totally be forgotten by some. No matter how much I try to forget, I cannot. But things never stay the same. All those past painful moments are will some day be nothing but distant memory's.

Well I'm not going to get all nostalgic about the good old days. Or not so good old days as the case may be. I really do need to focus on the here and now. Try to make things better. Try to help anyone I can. Try to make a difference in the world if I can.

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